Sorin Lab News Archive

  • 2021

    news photo Undergrad lab members Jia Mao & Danna De Boer both received CSULB Summer Research Awards to support their summer research efforts

  • news photo BME major and Sorin Lab member Jessica Moore has accepted admission to the UC Irvine Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program for fall 2021

  • news photo Chem/German double major Danna De Boer was admitted to a research internship in Germany where she'll model gecko surface adhesion

  • news photo ChemEng major Nguyet Nguyen earned a Best Poster award @ the Spring ACS Meeting and a SoCalGas research assistantship

  • 2020

    news photo BS Chemistry major Daniel Figueroa was awarded the 2020 Stern Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry

  • news photo Chemical Engineering major Jia Mao was awarded a Women & Philanthropy Scholarship to support his research into BChE inhibition

  • news photo Congratulations to lab alumnus and University of Chicago Biophysics PhD student Walter Alvarado on becoming a NASA Fellow!

  • 2019

    news photo Chemistry MS graduate Parker Bremer has been accepted into the Chemistry PhD program at UC Davis!

  • news photo CAMS high schooler and Sorin Labber Joceyln Hsu entered the Biomedical Engineering program @ Johns Hopkins University

  • news photo Chemical Engineering major Nguyet Nguyen received a Women & Philanthropy Scholarship to support her research!

  • news photo Chemistry major Danna De Boer co-authored her first article, which she'll present at the 2020 Biophysical Society annual meeting in Feb!

  • 2018

    news photo Sorin Lab veteran Walter Alvarado completed his Physics MS Thesis and entered the Biophysics PhD program at the University of Chicago

  • news photo Nick Humphrey completed his BS in Chemical Engineering in spring and entered the Materials Science PhD program at USC this fall

  • news photo RISE Fellow Xavier Martinez completed his BS in Computer Science this spring and is now a professional web developer at JURISTERRA

  • 2017

    news photo Sorin Lab alumnus/B.S. Biochemistry graduate Dakota Rochelle begins his dental training this fall in the D.D.S. program @ UCSF

  • news photo Recent Biochem/Physics graduate Yessica Gomez received the 2017 Hypercube Award and begins her Ph.D. in Biophysics this fall @ UCSF

  • news photo M.S. Computer Science major Vardo Barsegyan earned an Engineering Alumni Scholarship and a CSULB Summer Research Award

  • news photo Mariel Sanchez completed her BA in Chemistry and entered the Teaching Credentials program, while getting part-time HS teaching experience

  • 2016

    news photo M.S. Physics major Walter Alvorado presented his work on enzyme-drug binding at the 2016 Physical Society Far West Conference @ UC Davis

  • news photo Sorin Lab alumus Amethyst Radcliffe was recently featured in the APS Newsletter for her work on thin films at PPG Aerospace

  • news photo Sorin Lab System Administrator/Computer Science major Xavier Martinez was recently inducted into the RISE program

  • news photo Lab alumnus Analisa Garcia has completed her Undergraduate Honors Thesis and is heading for USC Pharmacy School in Fall 2016

  • news photo Sorin Lab researcher and B.S. Chemical Engineering major Angela Choy received a 2016 Boeing Academic Scholarship

  • news photo Biochemistry major Sean McCoy graduated with Department Honors and received the AIC Biochemist of the Year award

  • news photo Biochemistry/Physics double major Yessica Gomez was awarded a 2016 Women & Philanthropy Research Scholarship

  • 2015

    news photo Biochem major Ji Won Lee graduated with Dept Honors and received the 2015 AIC Biochemist of the Year award

  • news photo Sorin Lab biochemistry major Khai Nguyen was awarded the 2015 Hypercube Award for computational chemistry

  • news photo Biochemistry major Dakota Rochelle received a 2015 Women & Philanthropy Scholarship to support his research in RNA folding

  • news photo Sorin Lab researchers Sean McCoy, Analisa Garcia, Walter Alvarado received Departmental/College awards to support their summer research!

  • 2014

    Khai Sorin Lab Guru Khai Nguyen was awarded a CSULB Summer Research Fellowship and presented his research at the regional AAAS meeting in Riverside this June!

  • ARad Graduating Physics major and MARC Scholar Amethyst Radcliffe has moved on to industrial R&D at PPG Aerospace!

  • Sam 4-year Sorin Labber and graduating Biochem major Samantha Cao has left us to pursue grad school in Occupation Therapy!

  • Erik Carpio 4-year Sorin Labber and graduating Biology/Physiology major Erik Carpio is headed for the new Med School program at UC Riverside!

  • Phuc Phuc La, CNSM's 2013 Rhodes Award winner, has decided to enter the PharmD program at USC this fall!

  • Walter Sorin Lab Alumnus Walter Alvarado has come back to pursue his MS in Physics this year, while also winning the Philip Ord Johnson Award!

  • Nicole Biochem major & recent PBK inductee Nicole Hanson won this year's Biochemistry Award and the Scoggins Memorial Award for outstanding student going into a medicine!

  • 2013

    David Computer Science major David Gaskins earned an internship at IBM, which has now officially stolen him from us!

  • ARad Physics major Amethyst Radcliffe presented her research at several venues this fall including the regional ACS meeting in Santa Clara!

  • Sam Biochem major Sam Cao gave oral presentations on the folding of RNA pseudoknots at two conferences recently, including the local ACS meeting!

  • Phuc Graduating Biochem major Phuc La earned several awards during his time in our Department, including this year's College Rhodes Award for outstanding academic achievement, this year's Hypercube Award in computational chemistry, this year's Departmental award in Analytical Chemistry, and the AIC Biochemistry Student of the Year award! Way to go, Phuc!

  • Emilio Lab members Emilio Robles and Erik Carpio were awarded the 2013 Wynston Award in Biochemistry and John & Elizabeth Leonard Scholarship.

  • 2012

    Erik receives Nagel Award Biology major Erik Carpio won several awards recently, including the College's Glenn M. Nagel Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

  • Kim wins a W&P Scholarship Along with Erik (above), Chemical Engineering major Kim Helm was awarded a 2012 Women & Philanthropy Summer Research Scholarship, marking the second year in a row that the Sorin Lab has had two W&P Scholars!

  • 2012 ASBMB Meeting Chemistry grad student Ben Pham and undergrad Biochem major Sam Cao presented their research at the 2012 ASBMB Conference in San Diego, CA

  • Amethyst Physics undergrad Amethyst Radcliffe has been awarded a JPL Student Independent Research Internship for the Spring 2012 semester!

  • Richard Wang Graduating Computer Science undergrad Richard Wang has accepted a postition at Thales Avionics!

  • 2011

    Edsel Sorin Lab/Mezyk Lab alumnus Edsel Abud entered the joint M.D./Ph.D. program at UC Irvine this fall!

  • Edsel Physics undergraduate Amethyst Radcliffe & Math graduate student Mutaz Alsayegh joined the Sorin Lab this summer!

  • Sam & Carolyn Congratulations to Samantha Cao and Carolyn Kusaba for winning this year's Women & Philanthropy Scholarships! This marks the first time that two Sorin Lab researchers have gotten this award at once!

  • Ben Pham Graduate student Ben Pham joined the Sorin Lab this fall, as did undergraduate Michelle Dietz!

  • 2010

    Yi An Sorin Lab Master's candidate Yi An has moved on to work on his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Texas A&M University!

  • news2010 Our lab had fun hosting three "Bridges to the Baccalaureate" students this summer! These students came from local colleges as part of this NSF sponsored program.

  • news2010 Sorin Lab Alumnus Sarav Patel presented a poster at the regional AAAS meeting in OR on June 15th.

  • news2010 Ali DePaul gave an oral presentation at the recent local ACS meeting and is off to the UCSF Pharmacy program this fall!

  • news2010 Graduating Mathematics & Statistics/Economy double-major Kristin Haldeman is off to UC Davis for a Ph.D. in Biostatistics!

  • news2010 Sorin Lab students published our lab's first two scientific articles early in 2010, including a Featured Article in Nucleic Acids Research, which was chosen as the cover article (graphic at left), and a follow-up to previous Sorin protein modeling studies in PLoS ONE.